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  • No medical exam required
  • Just a few health questions
  • Choose your coverage amount
  • Instant approval if qualified
AIG Direct
  • 88 Million Customers Worldwide rely on AIG companies for insurance
  • Competitive rates – $250,000 term life for as little as $13 a month for qualified applicants
  • Simple to use quote form that customizes a quote based on your needs
  • Custom Term Life Policies For as Low as $8 a Month
  • Wide Range of Options: $100,000 to $2 Million in Term Coverage
  • 100% Online Guided Application that Takes Less Than 10 Mins
  • Available in 49 states and DC (no NY)
Global Life Insurance
  • Coverage for Adults or Children
  • $1* Buys $100,000 Globe Life Insurance
  • Free Information. No Phone Required. No Waiting.
  • Buy Direct. Monthly Rates as Low as $3.49 for Adults/$2.17 for Children

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